FAQs & Guidelines

Boomerang Support :support@boomerangboard.com


BoomerangBoard is a unique anonymous social network that allows members to create mentor and personal advisory groups. It empowers the online community to help each other with sensitive issues as well as share life experiences. It connects members into organized private groups,  called Boomerangs.
You join BoomerangBoard by creating a profile, and then you can choose to participate on an existing Boomerang or create a Boomerang for your own purposes.
There are two ways to build a Boomerang . You can use our search function to filter results, review profiles, and invite members to your private group. You can also simply post a classified for the BoomerangBoard community to see and respond to your specific situation. From there you can invite members to your Boomerang.
Nothing! There is no cost to join BoomerangBoard.
Yes. You will create a unique username and password that is exclusively for the site. You can use your existing email address, or create a email exclusively for BoomerangBoard. Your email will be used only to manage notifications and alerts relating to your BoomerangBoard groups, ("Boomerangs"), and will not contain any personal information or details.
Absolutely! You are welcome to create more than one Boomerang and encouraged to participate on multiple Boomerangs.
Yes! Please do! We are a community, after all, so the more people who participate the better we can help each other. We do suggest however, that you do not share your specific BoomerangBoard username to protect your anonymity.
Your information is completely anonymous. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further details.
Contact us! We are here to help you navigate through our website and set up. If you have any problems or questions please contact accountteam@boomerangboard.com so that we can address the situation.
You are in control of the Boomerangs you create. You always have the option to close one of your existing Boomerang or leave a Boomerang. You are in control of your level of participation.
Yes, as long as these members accept your invitations.
We have created a private messaging system for all BoomerangBoard member communications. You can choose to privately message individuals, your personal Boomerang Team as a group, or even send messages broadly to the entire BoomerangBoard community all entirely within the BoomerangBoard site. Again, your personal email will only alert you that there is activity within your BoomerangBoard!
We'd love to discuss opportunities with you. Please contact us at  INFO@BOOMERANGBOARD.COM  


Be authentic.  We are a unique social networking website because we are truly providing real help, real answers with real people. Because of our anonymous format, you will be given the opportunity to truly speak your mind without judgment or jury. Feel free to be your true self with out worry or concern for what others think.

Be anonymous. Give yourself and others the forum to be honest. Do not name drop or allude to your identity. Your anonymity is a gift here. Protect it always. Be sure to remove any personal or sensitive information before sharing documents or photographs, or links.

Be respectful. Respect others. Speak, as you would like to be spoken to. Treat everyone with the same regard you would like to be treated yourself. We are trying to create an environment where truth and honesty are paramount, so before you send a message or create a comment think about how that might be taken. Boomerang with passion!!

Be kind. Some of the Boomerangs on the site deal with sensitive issues and situations. Consider how your response or help is truly helping someone before you hit send. Our members are honest yet not cruel. We are truthful, not painful.

Be helpful. Provide real help and real solutions. We are not a blog or a rant. We ask all our members to be considerate of maintaining the goals and direction of the creator of the Boomerang.

Be a part of the community. BoomerangBoard needs YOU and we all need each other. Give of yourself to give, not to get back. But realize that the purpose of the Boomerang is for it to come back. In positive energy and spirit. The more we all give together, the more we all get together.

Be a citizen and follow the law. All activity on BoomerangBoard is bound by the same rules and laws as local, state and federal governments apply. BoomerangBoard cannot be utilized for any illegal purpose or  enterprise. In addition, our data and information are proprietary and all BoomerangBoard members are bound by the User Agreement.

Be good. BoomerangBoard members all are trying to do the same thing. We are all trying to find real answers, real solutions so that we may be the best person we can be by minimizing our problems and optimizing all of our opportunities. Be a positive force on BoomerangBoard and it will all come back to you!!!