Here at BoomerangBoard we have a great system for rewarding our hardworking and amazing users that stay active and help other users. We call it Golden Boomerangs. Each user has a Golden Boomerang symbol with a number next to it under their username. Users can quickly identify users that are active and have been a real help in the BoomerangBoard community. This is small way for us to acknowledge the users that are truly making a difference here at BoomerangBoard.

So start collecting your Golden Boomerangs. Get active!! Help someone and make a difference.

Here is how the Golden Boomerangs are awarded:

  • Create a Classified= 2 GBs
  • Create a Boomerang= 2 GBs
  • Reply to a Classified post = 1 GB
  • Reply to a Boomerang discussion = 1 GB
  • Final Boomerang review (this is after a Boomerang closes the owner of the Boomerang can give each participating member a "thank you") = 5GBs
  • Complete Profile = 3 GBs

If you have any ideas on how we can improve the Golden Boomerang award system please let us know in our Feedback section.

In the near future we will have some exciting ways to award people after they reach a certain number of Golden Boomerangs.

Thank you for being a part of the BoomerangBoard community!