1. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

  2. Christopher Columbus

Speaking your Mind

In this moment, speaking your mind about what everyone else is talking about seems easy. The #Metoo movement has enabled many people to come out of the darkness and speak honestly and truthfully as to how they think they were “man”handled and how they may have been harassed both personally and professionally. Until a few are willing to be brave - often fearless, the conversation is eerily silent. After that, "everyone" is talking about it...

Why are we afraid to speak our minds until others lead the charge? Last month we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King who just 40 years ago was a voice of change in civil rights. But not just social injustices are silenced. We know industries who yield power and control often keep quiet scientific studies and proof of health and safety concerns - like tobacco and asbestos. In our personal circles, we look to socially acceptable behaviors to dictate how we will interact. Often we are limited to what we will do or say in fear of what will happen in our social standing in our communities, if there will be perceived or real backlash for our families, or our children.

But as a society, if we are silenced, then we cannot communicate. If we don’t communicate, how can we help each other and work to prevent atrocities against the human spirit and humanity itself? We must be fearless. Not just a few of the courageous, but all of us must do our part. We must look deep into ourselves and find our inner truth of what is right and what is wrong. And when we don’t agree, we must come together as a race, the human race, to find common ground and a common connection. We are all trying to do the same thing here on this planet earth; live life to the fullest. Doing it fearlessly,with authenticity - we can truly accomplish anything.

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