Our Story

Welcome to BoomerangBoard. A place to give advice – and get advice – anonymously.

Our goal is simple: to create an online community where people can truly connect and help one another.

Like most people, online social networking has become our way of ‘communicating’ with people. We keep up with our friends’ lives quickly and efficiently thanks to a quick read of our daily newsfeed. Birth announcements, birthdays, even vacation plans are posted for our information constantly. One click to acknowledge we saw how cute a new baby is, that we remembered a birthday, and yes we’re jealous of the tropical vacation. No need to even comment. Nice and efficient.

But we started to wonder - is this effortless way to “keep in touch” really telling the whole story? After all, we are living our lives and they sure don’t look picture perfect all the time.

Sure enough we heard that - before the new baby there had been years of struggling with infertility, the birthday was being spent recovering from severe health issues; and that amazing vacation had been planned as a last ditch effort to save a strained marriage.

Our first thought was “We could have helped. We’ve been there too. Why didn’t you ask for help?”

But we knew why. In general, People aren’t really communicating on social networks, they’re simply ‘showing’ a carefully curated picture of their lives.

Our next thought was: “Imagine if we could harness the power and reach of social networking and give it depth - make it meaningful? Encourage people to share advice, and pass along to others? It would help so many people.“

So we did. We created BoomerangBoard .

BoomerangBoard offers the power of social networking in an anonymous setting so you can feel safe to share real stories, seek help with real challenges, share honest advice and create authentic connections.

We hope that you will come to BoomerangBoard and find a community of people who can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you are facing in your life. We hope you reach out to others and find your place within the community to help pass along the lessons you have learned and the advice you have to give. We hope you find the BoomerangBoard community a place where you’ll feel empowered to give advice – and get advice - confidently.

Welcome. We’re so glad you’re here. Get ready to make a difference in someone else’s life and let those who are ready and willing make a difference in yours.

Your friends at BoomerangBoard.