How It Works


BoomerangBoard is a unique anonymous social network offering peer to peer advice. Hand pick your personal board of advisors and create mentor groups to get answers, work through life’s challenges, or just share what’s on your mind – anonymously and free. Please click on the arrow to the right for a brief tour.

Create your profile

Your profile is how you will be identified within the anonymous BoomerangBoard community. This is your opportunity to describe yourself and your life experiences. Be honest and don’t be shy. Your life experiences – and the lessons you have learned – can help others. Describing yourself accurately will help you connect with the people you can help most and those who can help you!

Create Your Boomerang

Consider your Boomerang a private meeting place where entry is restricted to you and a select list of invited guests hand-picked by you. You decide the topic(s) of discussion based on your needs. Do you need general life advice? Are you dealing with a specific challenge? Considering an exciting but overwhelming opportunity? Create a BOOMERANG or BOOMERANGS to start discussions with – and seek advice from – community members of your choice. In your BOOMERANGS you can share your thoughts and feelings without social pressure or judgment.

Choose your Boomerang members

Your Boomerang members act as your personal team of advisors and /or mentors. You’ll be able to review BoomerangBoard community profiles using our search function to thoughtfully filter results and choose members whose life experiences or areas of expertise seem to be a good fit for the advice you are seeking. Then, invite them to join your personal BOOMERANG. Their role, if they accept, is to listen to you and advise you based on their experience and perspective and help you navigate whatever life choices you are discussing within this specific BOOMERANG. You manage how many members you invite, the topic(s) of discussion, the duration you will remain as a team, and how you would like to communicate as a group.

Classified Ads

Use BoomerangBoard Classifieds to give or get advice on a topic quickly. You can post a question or share a newly acquired piece of advice - either broadly to the entire BoomerangBoard community or to a specific audience based on category experiences. Plan to visit the Classifieds section regularly, as it is a simple and efficient way to stay connected to the BoomerangBoard community. You never know what new topics may relate to you and your experiences.

Communicate within BoomerangBoard

We created a private messaging system for all BoomerangBoard communications. You can choose to privately message individuals, your personal BOOMERANG as a group, or even send messages broadly to the entire BoomerangBoard community all entirely within the BoomerangBoard site.


Our goal is to bring people together in a safe, trusting environment to help each other. We all have life experiences – good, bad, exciting, daunting – and we all have learned valuable life lessons along the way. Why not share your knowledge with others? Empower them with your insight and your well-earned perspective so that their path in life may be a bit easier to navigate. They have insight and perspective too – and they’re ready to share with you.

BoomerangBoard – Give Advice. Get Advice. Anonymously.

Let’s get started.